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Kun je een hartklep kweken?
Kun je met een 3D-printer verbrijzeld bot herstellen? Kun je een hartklep ontwerpen die meegroeit met een kind?
Kun je cellen trainen om nieuwe bloedvaten te maken?
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Welcome to NIRM

The Netherlands Institute for Regenerative Medicine (NIRM), is an innovative and integrative life sciences research and development program. It is comprised of two formerly existing research consortia in The Netherlands: Stem Cells in Development and Disease (SCDD) and the Dutch Program for Tissue Engineering (DPTE). Integration of these consortia in NIRM combines cutting-edge research in stem cell biology with advances in tissue engineering, so as to improve existing and create novel regenerative medical treatments. Together, these biomedical research fields involving cells and biomaterials will lead to innovative approaches to promote the regeneration of damaged or diseased tissues and organs.

NIRM focuses its research on five major tissue/disease areas: Cardiovascular System, Muscles and Bones, Blood, Nervous System and Internal Medicine. NIRM research begins at the level of molecules, from which important molecular genetic and epigenetic programs lead to the generation and function of stem cells that are the biological unit of the specific adult tissues. Stem cell maintenance and differentiation is, in turn, dependent upon the surrounding cells and biomolecules of the microenvironment or niche. Together, these are the basic elements that lead to the formation of the complete tissue. In disease and/or trauma some elements are defective or damaged.

Hence, this program aims to: